Audrey G. Schoenfeld Real Estate

audreyAudrey G. Schoenfeld has been a leader in business for many years, starting her career in New York City as the CEO of a major graphic design and typography organization, where she was responsible for a staff of more than thirty-five full-time employees producing typography and page layout for high-end National and International Publications. She was the first to implement and introduce “cold type” to the industry for production, as well as to initiate the first “modem” by which to transport the information. This was just the beginning of the modern world of technology we’ve come to know today.

From here Audrey went on to her next venture: Audrey Schoenfeld Real Estate, in Columbia County, New York. Audrey brought her love of architecture and design, along with her business expertise to this new arena where she met with many old friends from New York City and Boston who were interested in purchasing a Country home as a retreat from the bustle and stresses of City life, as well as making new friends in the area who were interested in expanding or downsizing from their existing homes.

Ten years later Audrey merged her company with the former French organization to become one of the founders of SFl. And now, once again, Audrey has gone back to her roots, divesting her participation in that company and presenting her original real estate company anew, under her own name, Audrey G. Schoenfeld Real Estate. She is happy and excited to bring her thirty plus years of business expertise, real estate knowledge and experience, design and marketing abilities, along with her strong negotiation skill set to the market plus having all the newest technology with which to do it!